Brian Moore


Tuesday is the day, although for more than 3,600 Jackson County residents, its significance already passed.

Voters will head to the polls Nov. 6 to decide numerous contested state and local races in the 2018 mid-term general election. Polling sites will open at 7 a.m. and close at 9 p.m.

As of late Tuesday, more than 3,600 people had either requested ballots, voted absentee or voted early, according to Deputy County Auditor Alisa Smith.

That number is “on pace” with voter participation in past years, added Auditor Brian Moore.

In Jackson County, Democrats requested (1,677) and returned (1,359) the most absentee ballots, according to a daily absentee

ballot report from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. Other numbers reported were 915 ballots requested and 790 returned by Republicans, 1,062 requested and 686 returned by residents with no party affiliation. Libertarians accounted for seven requests and two returns.

Voters still have time to beat Election Day lines. The county Auditor’s Office, located at 201 W. Platt St., Maquoketa, was open extended hours (until 5 p.m.) Friday and will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Moore and Smith recommended that voters bring a photo ID with them to the polls. Photo ID is not required Tuesday but will be necessary beginning in 2019.

Do you need a ride to your polling location on Tuesday? RTA is offering free rides to voting precincts for residents in Maquoketa, and Jackson County as services accommodate, according to Tricia Wagner, RTA mobility and outreach coordinator with East Central Intergovernmental Association.

RTA wants “to help everyone get out and vote,” Wagner said. 

Call ahead and schedule your RTA trip at 1-800-839-5005. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible.

On the ballot

In Jackson County, the largest pool of candidates for one seat comes in the District 3 county supervisor race. Trying to unseat incumbent Larry McDevitt, D-Maquoketa, are Jeff Holtz, R-Maquoketa; Jess Herrig, an independent from Bellevue; and independent Allan Till of Maquoketa.

Independent Samantha McLaughlin seeks to unseat District 2 supervisor Jack Willey, D-Maquoketa, who has held the seat about 20 years.

County supervisors’ terms last four years.

Nancy Roling will retire as county treasurer at the end of the year, leaving a vacancy. Beth Gerlach, R-Springbrook, will face Arlene Lyon, D-Maquoketa, to fill that seat, which comes with a four-year term.

Incumbent Arlene Schauf, D-Maquoketa, seeks re-election as county recorder. She faces Jackie Leitzen, R-Delmar, for a four-year term.

Sara Davenport, D-Maquoketa, faces no opposition for the county attorney seat she holds. The seat is a four-year term.

Kevin Burns, Gloria Jorgensen and Matt Osterhaus seek to keep their seats on the Jackson County Regional Health Center Board of Trustees. Mark Edwards filed a petition for one of the three available seats, while Dianne Brady launched a last-minute write-in campaign.

Other local races

Jackson Soil and Water Conservation: Terri McCulley, William Bevan

Jackson County Agriculture Extension: Tracey Hueneke, Karen Till, Laura Farrell, Jerard Gnade, Mary Thomas

Bellevue Township: Clerk, Troy Patzner; Trustee, William Bevan

Brandon Township: Clerk, Peggy Stevens; Trustee, Scott Flagel

Butler Township: Clerk, Michael Burke; Trustee, Bob Noonan

Farmers Creek Township: Clerk, Sandra Gerlach; Trustee, Allen Schnoor; Trustee, Tim Kammeyer, to fill vacancy (two years)

Iowa Township: Clerk, Melanie Macy; Trustee, no candidate

Iowa Township: Trustee, no candidate, to fill vacancy (two years)

Jackson Township: Clerk, no candidate; Trustee, Kevin Lundin; Trustee, no candidate, to fill vacancy (two years)

Maquoketa Township: Clerk, William Deppe; Trustee, Terry Ostert

Monmouth Township: Clerk, Debra DeVore; Trustee, no candidate

Otter Creek Township: No candidates for clerk or trustee

Perry Township: Clerk, David Hankemeier; Trustee, Kevin D. Kilburg

Prairie Springs Township: Clerk, no candidate; Trustee, Joseph Kies

Richland Township: Clerk, Mary Ann Kunde; Trustee, Ronald Manders

South Fork Township: Clerk, Craig Schnoor; Trustee, Joshua Dostal

Tete des Morts Township: Clerk, no candidate; Trustee, Erwin Felderman; Trustee, Lynn Kohlenberg, to fill vacancy (two years)

Union Township: No candidates for clerk or trustee

Van Buren Township: Clerk, no candidate; Trustee, Roger Nolting

Washington Township: Clerk, Brenda Tebbe; Trustee, Mark Banowetz

State races

State District 58 Representative: Incumbent Andy McKean, R-Anamosa; Joe Oclon, D-Maquoketa

State Senator District 29: Carrie Koelker, R-Dyersville; Incumbent Tod Bowman, D-Maquoketa

U.S. District 1 Representative: Incumbent Rep. Rod Blum, R-Dubuque; Abby Finkenauer, D-Dubuque; Troy Hageman, L-Calmar

Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Incumbent Republicans Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg; Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart, Democrats; Jake Porter and Lynne Gentry, Libertarian; Gary Siegwarth and Natalia Blaskovich, Clear Water Party of Iowa

Secretary of State: Incumbent Paul D. Pate, R-Des Moines; Deidre DeJear, D-Des Moines; Jules Ofenbakh, L-West Des Moines

Auditor of State: Incumbent Mary Mosiman, R-Ames; Rob Sand, D-Des Moines; Fred Perryman, L-Cedar Falls

Treasurer of State: Jeremy Davis, R-Ames; Incumbent Michael Fitzgerald, D-Waukee; Timothy Hird, L-Des Moines

Secretary of Agriculture: Incumbent Mike Naig, R-Des Moines; Tim Gannon, D-Des Moines; Rick Stewart, L-Cedar Rapids

Attorney General: Incumbent Tom Miller, D-Des Moines; Marco Battaglia, L-Des Moines

Court of Appeals Judge: Michael R. Mullins, Mary Ellen Tabor, Anuradha Vaitheswaran

District Judge: Nancy Tabor, John Telleen, Mark Cleve, Thomas Reidel

District Associate Judge: Gary Strausser


Polling precinct, 


1st Precinct: Bellevue Twp. and Bellevue City Hall: Community Center Basement, 1700 State St., Bellevue

2nd Precinct: Tete des Morts Twp., St. Donatus City, St. Donatus Parish Center: 97 E. First St., St. Donatus

3rd Precinct: Prairie Springs and Richland Twps., LaMotte city: Recreation Center, 523 Elm St., LaMotte

4th Precinct: Butler and Otter Creek Twps., part of Zwingle city: St. Lawrence Community Hall, Otter Creek, 17374 Bellevue Cascade Road, Zwingle

5th Precinct: Brandon and Monmouth Twps., Monmouth and Baldwin cities: Baldwin Fire Station, 5194 47th St., Baldwin

6th Precinct: Farmers Creek and Perry Twps., Andrew city: City Hall, 11 E. Benton St., Andrew

7th Precinct: Maquoketa and South Fork Twps.: Pearson Memorial Hall, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa

8th Precinct: Jackson and Washington Twps., Springbrook city: City Hall, 101 E. Main St., Springbrook

9th Precinct: Fairfield and Van Buren Twps., Preston and Spragueville cities: Community Hall, 52 W. Gillet St., Preston

10th Precinct: Iowa Twp., Miles City: City Hall, 430 Ferry Road, Miles

11th Precinct: Union Twp., Sabula city: City Hall, 411 Broad St., Sabula

12th Precinct: Maquoketa First Ward: Pearson Memorial Center, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa

13 Precinct: Maquoketa Second Ward: Pearson Memorial Center, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa

14th Precinct: Maquoketa Third Ward: Pearson Memorial Center, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa

15th Precinct: Maquoketa Fourth Ward: Pearson Memorial Center, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa

16th Precinct: Maquoketa Fifth Ward: Pearson Memorial Center, 1212 E. Quarry St., Maquoketa