Maquoketa Community School District

Maquoketa Community School District received almost $33,300 in rebates and grants for recent completion of a LED lighting efficiency projects in the district. Shown are, from left, Tom Westhoff, WPPI Energy senior energy services representative, Superintendent Chris Hoover, and Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility General Manager Chris Krogman.

Maquoketa Community School District recently completed several energy efficient lighting projects that will reduce energy usage in addition to saving operation and maintenance costs for their facilities. 

The school district partnered with Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility and power supplier WPPI Energy to conserve energy by updating and replacing outdated lighting fixtures in the district’s bus barn, Cardinal Elementary, Maquoketa Middle School, Briggs Elementary and the high school (exterior). 

Fluorescent lighting was replaced with LED lighting throughout the interior of the facilities and LED lighting replaced high-intensity discharge lighting in outdoor fixtures at the high school. 

“When our customers take steps to conserve, they not only save on energy costs, but they also help to lessen demands on the local electric system,” said Chris Krogman, MMEU general manager. 

Krogman emphasized the project’s benefits for Maquoketa in terms of Maquoketa Community School District’s reduced energy consumption. As a result of the lighting upgrade project, the school district will save approximately $33,106 on electricity costs and 314,400 kilowatt-hours annually. MMEU provided rebates through their local energy efficiency program and the school district applied for and received a grant from WPPI Energy’s Energy Efficiency Program. 

Combined, MMEU and WPPI provided the school district with $32,290 in rebates/grants. 

“Energy conservation is the most practical and effective way that we can help protect the environment and keep customers’ electric bills down for the long term,” Krogman said.