There could be a new business coming to Delmar this summer! BKG&M Produce Sales is testing the produce market in the town of Delmar.

Brant Bennis, Keegan Cavanagh, Gus Pickup and Matthew Stone have done their research, sampled the interest of local families, and created community and business partnerships to start their own unique way of helping the community. 

Brant said it all started from a scholastic Book Fair purchase. It was a book about kids making money. 

“I bought a book from the Scholastic Book Fair here at Delwood, and basically I was reading through it one day with my buddy Keegan and I saw a story about gardening and selling the produce,” he said. “We started to brainstorm and used a Google Document to put down different plant types and if families would be interested in the delivery of produce this summer.” 

The students surveyed families in town and ended up getting about 15 customers. They looked at their data and found the plants and vegetables that most people were interested in purchasing. 

The boys soon found out they needed some extra help as the project progressed. 

“We decided that we needed a little more help with the garden so we asked a couple friends of mine, and so they joined us, and that’s how it became BKG&M,” Brant said.

They also enlisted the help of Nancy Miller, who made the hats that they will wear while they go around with deliveries. Teri Taylor painted the sign for them and Tom Taylor helped them with woodwork and tools. The DeWitt Greenhouse provided all of the plants for a great deal. 

As the season just begins, the boys are busy planting, weeding and taking orders. The boys expect to have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, cabbage, peppers and green beans. They have been doing some last-minute research on how to involve straw, newspapers, mulch and other fertilizer to prepare the ground for next year and create the best yield possible.

The boys are also trying out some different varieties of tomatoes and cabbage from the DeWitt Greenhouse. They will provide feedback on those new types and see how well they grow in Delmar. 

It sounds like these young boys have a great idea, and it will also be door-to-door, delivering two times a week in the evening hours. So, don’t be surprised to see BKG&M this summer going door to door with wagons and walking the streets of Delmar.

Good luck to Brant, Keegan, Gus and Matthew, Delwood’s newest entrepreneurs!