The Jackson County Sheriff’s and Engineer’s offices are looking for any information about a driver who drove a vehicle through 175 feet of freshly paved concrete on the west end of Centerville Road.

Horsfield Construction of Epworth has been paving about 3.5 miles of the road near Old Davenport Road, said county engineer Clark Scholz.

“We were about to finish the last mile when I got the call from the crew that someone drove on 175 feet of pavement and rutted it up pretty good,” Schloz said late Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff’s deputies were driving to the scene to investigate Thursday afternoon.

Schloz said the department had no “solid leads but there might be some suspicions.”

Because the paving work isn’t complete, it is still the construction company’s responsibility, Schloz said, noting that Horsfield will have to decide if the damaged concrete can be repaired or if it must be torn out and replaced entirely.

Regardless, “it won’t cost the county or the county taxpayers any more money,” Schloz said.

He had no estimate of how long that process might take. It depends on the scope of the work and the weather, Schloz said.

Officials found a second, less destructive, set of tire marks on a separate section of the road. Schloz said he did not know if the two incidents were connected.

The Sheriff’s Office had no firm leads in the matter as of Monday, Schloz said.

The east side of Centerville Road was vandalized Oct. 18, 2013, after someone drove through 2,200 feet of freshly poured concrete. Vance Lee O’Hara, 30, of Dubuque, was charged with first-degree criminal mischief and criminal trespassing in that incident.

Horsfield Construction was in charge of that project and estimated damages at upward of $250,000.

O’Hara subsequently pleaded guilty to the criminal trespassing charge. He received a suspended jail sentence, probation, multiple fines and surcharges and restitution. 

Anyone with information about Thursday’s Centerville Road vandalism is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 563-652-3312.

“All I can say is the person or persons should have known better,” Schloz said.