Although disappointed, an area couple will roll over to 2022 the money it pledged to give to the best marching band in the Jackson County Fair Parade.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous to preserve the impartiality of the award, wanted to further enhance the parade this year and help continue its growth for years to come, they said in an interview with the Sentinel-Press.

In past years, no marching bands have performed in the annual fair parade, a fact which saddened the couple, which has a rich musical background.

The couple offered a $500 award for the marching band they judged to be the best in the parade, but no marching bands participated July 27.

“We are a bit disappointed that no one bothered to show up,” the couple said the week, “but the award will be rolled over to next year as which time (the prize) will be $1,000.”

In an email sent before the parade, Maquoketa High School Band Director Matt Hovey said there are many reasons his band does not participate in the parade.

“A large obstacle is access to students,” Hovey explained. “So many are out of town or work. It is very difficult to get a band together in the summer.”

Also, Hovey said he is not contracted to work over the summer. 

The largest obstacle came from state associations, Hovey said. 

This year the Iowa High School Music Association and the Iowa High School Athletic Association implemented “Family Week” July 25-Aug. 1. Meant to give families a chance to get away from outside school activities, this meant that coaches and music teachers could have no contact with students during that week.