Spiegel Lot

New jail location? Closing is scheduled for April 1 on this lot on the corner of Jacobson Drive and Maple Street in Maquoketa. 

The county has negotiated to buy a 2.75-acre parcel on the northeast corner of Jacobsen Drive and Maple Street in Maquoketa for $75,000 from A.J. Spiegel. Closing is set for April 1.

The county supervisors have considered setting a third bond referendum for a new jail for March. Two previous bond referendums, which would have built a new jail on the south end of Maquoketa, failed to gain the 60 percent approval needed to pass.

The property wasn't one of four that county officials toured last month, but the idea for the location came from builder John Hansen during that tour, said supervisor Jack Willey. The price is almost $200,000 less than the property the county would have bought if one of the first two bond referendums had passed.

County officials described the site as nearly ideal, regarding little dirt work and already having utilities. It would also have easy access to Highways 62 and 64, said chief sheriff's deputy Steve Schroeder.