Patti Hoffman

Patti Hoffman, center, of Preston was recognized for her outstanding work for which she earned the Outstanding Volunteer Award at the annual celebration and award dinner June 13 held in Iowa City.

Trees Forever recognizes Patti Hoffman of Preston with the Outstanding Volunteer Award. She received the award during the Iowa City Annual Celebration and Award Dinner on June 13 at the Celebration Farm, Iowa City.

Patti has been involved with Trees Forever for more than five years and was an instrumental player in Preston Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning Committee. 

The committee’s work included enhancing the community with a new basketball court, a trail system, playground equipment, and more.

“She is the embodiment of what a community minded, goal oriented, people loving volunteer is. Patti works tirelessly on behalf of her community for the sole reason of wanting to leave it a better place for future generations,” said Emily Swihart, Trees Forever Program Manager.

Every year, Trees Forever recognizes outstanding volunteers, environmental stewards, partners and advocates at Trees Forever’s Annual Celebration and Awards Dinner. 

“Every one of our volunteers and landowner has made a brighter, greener future for the next generation, but these awards recognize the most outstanding-those who truly exemplify the Trees Forever mission.” Trees Forever CEO and Found President Shannon Ramsay said.

As a nonprofit, Trees Forever engages an average of 7,000 volunteers every year and has more than 500 sites on farms and other lands to enhance water quality, pollinator and wildlife habitat.

Trees Forever is a nonprofit organization nationally headquartered in Marion, Iowa, that is dedicated to planting trees, encouraging volunteer and youth involvement and environmental stewardship. 

For more than 25 years, we’ve been planting a better tomorrow. 

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