Sunday kicked off our week with resident’s choice. 

On Monday the ladies enjoyed getting their nails done at 10 a.m. The residents enjoyed Halloween fruit cups at 2 p.m.

On Tuesday residents exercised at 10 a.m., followed by Book Club at 10:30 a.m. Bingo, one of the residents’ favorites, was played at 2 p.m. 

We warmed up our Wednesday with exercise at 10 a.m. Pumpkin bars were passed out at 2 p.m. We all enjoyed them and even shared with friends. 

On Thursday hallway worship was held at 10 a.m. in each unit. The residents enjoyed singing to their favorite hymns. 

Thursday also was bingo day. We played Halloween bingo with prizes that were Halloween themed. Mandi R. called with her helpers Cassidy S. and Lillian T. Some of the residents picked out scarecrows for their rooms and others selected little pumpkins or candy. Our drink cups had vampires and mummies on them. Everyone had a good time. 

On Friday we had hallway exercise at 10 a.m. The wheel of treats was taken around for residents to get a chance to win candy. On a spin they could win one to four pieces. We had lots of fun taking a spin to see what treat we won!

Our busy week came to an end on Saturday with “Wheel of Fortune” and Lawrence Welk along with many letters and calls from our family and friends.

The residents miss you all; they send their love and hope to see you soon. Be safe. On to next week’s adventures.


Maquoketa Care Center, Oct. 4-10

Sammy offered one-on-one prayers to the residents on Sunday morning. Virtual worship was turned on televisions for those who wanted to watch. Other residents were happy to do self-directed activities such as puzzles, books and word-searches. Many families contacted their loved ones over the weekend to catch up and say hello. The residents had an enjoyable day overall.

On Monday morning Cathy read the local paper for the residents who wanted to listen for a one-on-one activity. 

In the afternoon the residents were offered different things for one-on-one sensory activity. Bingo was played later with a few residents in their rooms. 

Later, Sammy came in to socialize and offer company to the residents in the evening.

The residents watched the “Price is Right” on Tuesday morning for their activity. In the afternoon staff visited with residents and offered one-on-one activities to occupy the afternoon.

The rosary was prayed on Wednesday morning with our Catholic residents one-on-one.

After lunch the residents enjoyed cakes and tea for teatime. Visiting and one-on-one activities were also offered throughout the day.

Individual worship services were offered on Thursday morning using the iPad, and Activity Staff shared scripture readings with those who wanted to listen. Patio visits were scheduled throughout the day with many family members having a visit with their loved ones.  

In the afternoon popcorn was popped and passed for a food sensory one-on-one activity. The residents look forward to popcorn Thursday!

On Friday morning manicures were offered throughout the day to those who wanted them. The weather was beautiful and the residents enjoyed the warm sunshine. Root beer was passed out for Rolling Happy Hour. Family visits were held on the patio and the residents enjoyed seeing their loved ones. It was a nice end to the week.

On Saturday the residents enjoyed one-on-one activities with Abby. Family and friends stopped by for window visits throughout the day or contacted their loved ones via telephone or virtual chats.  

Lawrence Welk was played on televisions in the evening for those who wanted to watch him.

We are still following the guidelines provided to us for consideration of re-opening and at this time we remain in Phase 1. Any changes in our visitor policy will be announced as soon as we have them, but at this time we will continue to remain closed to visitors and will continue to keep our residents safe and healthy during this pandemic. Thank you all for understanding. Please stay safe!