Phone 652-6771 by 9 a.m. the day before you plan to eat.

Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging (NEI3A) closed all of its senior centers and meals sites until further notice. This includes the Jackson County Senior Center in Maquoketa and the Bellevue meal site.

Individuals who attend the sites will be contacted and given the option to receive a home-delivered meal. All office locations will also be closed to the public but will remain open to offer services.

If anyone needs information about meals, transportation tickets, or other services, call (800) 779-8707 instead of coming to any office locations.

NEI3A relies on hundreds of volunteers to deliver meals each day. Anyone willing to volunteer to deliver meals in any of the 18 counties NEI3A serves is asked to call (800) 779-8707.



Wednesday, April 15: Tater tot casserole, whole kernel corn, sliced carrots, applesauce, milk.

Thursday, April 16: Chicken rice casserole, green peas, Harvard beets, pineapple tidbits, milk.

Friday, April 17: Meatloaf, onion gravy, baked sweet potato, Capri vegetable blend, multi-grain bread, baked cookie, chocolate milk, margarine (2).

Monday, April 20: Cheese omelet, tater tot casserole, cinnamon roll, multi-grain bread, fresh seasonal fruit, milk.

Tuesday, April 21: Chicken stroganoff, egg noodles, green beans, peach crisp, milk.

Wednesday, April 22: Salisbury beef, mashed red potatoes, glazed carrots, strawberry applesauce, milk.



The residents are keeping their chins up at this time during the current situation.  Activities are now provided 1:1 in the resident’s rooms as group activities are not recommended at this time due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Prayers were said on Sunday to offer a 1:1 activity with our residents. Televisions and radios were turned on for residents and in-room visits were offered regularly. Family members were able to phone their loved ones and some residents went to the Waving Window to wave and see their loved ones. Family connections are still so very important to our residents!

Monday morning Cathy passed fresh water and a new puzzle to some of the residents who wanted one. Current Events were read as a 1:1 activity in-room. The residents still enjoy hearing the positive news in the local paper as much as they are able to.  

Lunch was served, and in the afternoon the residents families were able to FaceTime and visit with their loved ones. Radio Bingo was played later with a few of the residents that are able to do so still in the main dining room following the guidelines the CDC and IHCA recommended. They all still enjoy their bingo! Thank you KMAQ!  Sammy came in later for 1:1 activities in the later afternoon and evening with those who wanted to do something. Wheel of Fortune was put on the televisions and the residents enjoyed their own space.  

Tuesday, the residents were offered fresh water and conversation with Cathy in the morning. Visitors stopped by to see their loved ones and wave to them at the Waving Window in the front of the building. The residents just love seeing their family and friends. In the afternoon, Cathy took the residents on an adventure to Seoul, South Korea. The residents learned about how much a day in Seoul would cost — accommodations, entertainment and food — and were surprised it would only be about $35. Virtual reality tours are wonderful and very educational.  

Wednesday, the residents were greeted with jokes for April Fools’ Day. April crossword puzzles were passed out to those who wanted them. Family did FaceTime with their loved ones in the afternoon. Ice cream sandwiches were passed out in the afternoon to everyone. It was a mild April Fools’ Day all in all. 

Thursday, the residents were served their meals in their rooms due to new recommendations from the IHCA and CDC to provide more protection against the passing of the Coronavirus. Staff is wearing masks and goggles and extra precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of any infection.  The residents overall are adapting OK and understanding of the new guidelines. Worship services and prayers were said for 1:1 weekly worship. 

After lunch, the residents were happy to see the popcorn for Popcorn Thursday which is still offered to those who want it. In-room Radio Bingo was played by a few of the residents. Family visited the Waving Window and waved to their loved ones.  Phone calls and FaceTime was done throughout the day to provide the residents the opportunity to stay connected.  

Friday, the residents were visited by Cathy with fresh water and conversation. Manicures were offered as 1:1 activity to the residents who wanted their nails trimmed and polished. Lunch was served and then 1:1 activities were offered in the afternoon. Sammy took around Twinkies and Root Beer as a treat in honor of National Twinkie Day which is observed on April 6 for Happy Hour. A few of the residents wanted another opportunity to play Radio Bingo in their rooms, so Cathy set them up to do so. Sammy came in to provide 1:1 activities with the residents in the evening.

Saturday, Sammy came in to share 1:1 fun with the residents in the morning.  Families called and stopped by with goodies for their loved ones leaving them in the box outside. The staff appreciates the phone calls from families, so we know when to expect things for their loved ones. And the residents really love receiving letters, cards and treats for their family. Lawrence Welk was played on individual televisions in their rooms for them on Saturday night.  

Guidelines by the Center for Disease Control and the Iowa Health Care Association are being followed strictly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our residents.  The residents appreciate the care they are receiving and understand we are protecting them as much as possible. These times are difficult, but our residents have great support from their loved ones and from the staff here at Maquoketa Care Center.  

Thank you again for understanding and stay safe and healthy! We look forward to having visitors again in the future!



It has been a busy week here at Crestridge.

Sunday, we started off our week with residents’ choice: a scavenger hunt at 2 p.m. List in hand, the residents went on a hunt in their rooms for five items. After they located them they brought them to their doorways. We had a fun afternoon filled with lots of laughter and, of course, prizes!

Monday, morning exercise was held on the main hallway, followed by manicures.

Tuesday was one-on-one resident council, followed by hallway book club. Bingo was held in the main hallway at 2 p.m. 

We warmed up our Wednesday with hallway exercise at 10 a.m. The residents painted in their doorways at 2 p.m., they painted a rainbow with a heart in the middle of the canvas. 

Thursday, worship was held in the main hallway at 10 a.m. Bingo, one of the residents’ favorites, was held at 2 p.m. in the main hallway.

We started our Friday morning off with hallway exercise at 10 a.m. As the afternoon approached, we had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. The residents gathered in their doorways for a wave and a treat from the bunny! 

Through the week, the Residents enjoyed the many calls, cards, flowers, and notes their family and friends sent. 

As always, as our week comes to an end on Saturday, be safe. 

We hope you had a good Easter as we did here with a wonderful Easter dinner; the residents enjoyed an Easter dinner of ham and pie.