The regular meeting of the Monmouth Co-Ed 4-H Club was held Jan. 5.

The meeting was called to order by Lane Stender, president, at 6 p.m.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by McKenna Brown. Roll call was “What is your favorite breakfast food?” 

Gracee Tompkins gave the secretary’s report. Anna Bartels made a motion to pass the secretary’s report and Gracie Franzen seconded the motion. 

The treasurer’s report was given by Gracie Franzen. Raegan Dickman made a motion to pass the report with Jayde Martin seconding the motion. There were no bills presented. 

Old business consists of the Winter Nature Adventure camp, in which Clara and Charlotte Ihns talked about their time at the camp. Also Anna will call and confirm the price per person for bowling for family fun day. 

Under new business was talk of the Sweetheart Ball. The group will send Madison Gilroy and Gracie Franzen as its candidates.  

For the fair displays members asked if anything was needed for indoor or outdoor displays.  Karissa and McKenna Brown will look up the cost of an aerator for the water hydrant.  

Finally, Sarah Bartels will contact Julie Kramer to see if she needs help setting up the Easter egg hunt in Monmouth.

The 4-H pledge was led by Casey Bock. There were three presentations given by Raegan Dickman and Sophia Hovey about hedgehogs, Gracie Franzen about gardening, and Lane Stender about coon hunting. 

The next meeting will be held on Feb. 2; the location is to be determined.