The New York Times reported this morning that more than half of the people living on this planet are under a stay-at-home order as part of the global effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. That includes most Americans, but a few holdout states, such as Iowa, have stubbornly resisted.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, for some reason, has not heeded the well-documented advice coming from scientists around the world. It’s obvious that a stay-at-home order is necessary. Reynolds should be taking the strongest measures possible to keep the people of her state safe.

She should realize that the fastest way through this crisis is to fully engage in the global effort to identify and isolate those who are infected. Without enough tests to go around – which is clearly the situation Iowa is facing – a stay-at-home order is essential. It’s also an important early step toward being able to someday restart the economy.

Reynolds should stop waiting for the inevitable and give the order today.