The United States now has 113,000 confirmed COVID cases, the most of any country in the world. So much for President Donald Trump’s claims weeks ago that “we have it totally under control” and “it will all work out well.”

Here in Iowa, as of today, we have 298 confirmed cases, more than triple the number from a week ago, and keep in mind that Iowa, like the rest of the nation, does not have enough test kits to allow doctors to know for sure who has the virus and who does not.

For every case that is confirmed, there are many others that are not, and that is one of the very important realities that our political leaders should publicly acknowledge. 

Instead of telling people who feel sick that they don’t need to be tested, as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has done, they should tell the truth about not having enough test kits.

There is no silver lining in the current trends. Our political leaders should acknowledge that it’s going to take a bigger collective effort than has been put forth so far to bring the virus to heel.